Here are latest construction photos of SM CDO2 Premier in Cagayan de Oro City.

Construction work is progressing towards the eastern section of the property.

20160417_093507 20160417_093513

Vertical works are also ongoing.

20160417_093521 20160417_093525 20160417_093531 20160417_093558

This section is very proximate to Red Planet Hotel.


We wonder if this rural bank will re-open again.

20160417_093616 20160417_093623

A small space separates Red Planet Hotel from the ongoing construction.


The western section is now progressing to the 4th level.20160417_093703 20160417_093705

This is the mall’s main entrance.

20160417_093750 20160417_093754

20160417_093823 20160417_093826

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