PROJECT WATCH: Centrio-Gaisano Overpass update as of April 17, 2016

Pedestrians will soon have to take the stairs in crossing CM Recto Avenue between Centrio and Gaisano Malls as the steel frame for the overpass access is now being installed.

As shown, work of the stairs on the Centrio side is underway.


The two flights of stairs will be a little bit tiresome but less risk than crossing the road.


Motorists will also benefit with the completion of the overpass as it deters pedestrian traffic in the area.

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  1. RFM says:

    In order to have free flow of traffic along CM Recto highway and effectively enforce no loading and unloading fronting Centrio, it will be good that the public jeepneys going to LKK, Lapasan, Gusa, Bugo, will turn right to Roa St. and load and unload the passengers at designated areas along Roa St. beside Centrio and exit at Agudo St. towards Osmena St. Make Agudo St one way towards Osmena St.

  2. Cris says:

    People should be discipline in using the over pass and the strict implementation on the traffic law shud be impose 😉

  3. warwar says:

    abi nko naay scalator

  4. MangMags says:

    dili unta mag tinapulan ang mga tao manaka.. parehas sa overpass sa del monte, tagoloan, ug uban pa…

  5. PoorUrbanPlanning says:

    This is another show of poor urban planning.

  6. Kalus-a kaha nga ang atong mga overpass sa Region 10 ba mahimog handicap-friendly?

  7. bobby says:

    All overpasses should be free from unsigthly advertisements

  8. Franco says:

    Has anybody even given the Elderly or disable any thought? How are they expected to climb and descend the stairs? We should be making it more difficult for the Elderly or physically challenged to get around …. this overpass should include a lift.

  9. lamboCDO says:

    abi nako lahos lahos ang overpass..hehe mugawas pa diay ta ani

  10. paul says:

    stupid brain dead people why not leave it on second flour level use shops elevators get up and down like rest of the work then again maybe pinoy like climbing

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