PROJECT WATCH: Macabalan-Bonbon Bridge


Another bridge spanning Cagayan de Oro River will be constructed soon linking the coastal barangays of Bonbon and Macabalan. The project was finally confirmed with the recent ground breaking ceremony held at Bonbon.

Based on the billboard above, the bridge will be 2 lanes and 1.315 kilometers long which will be the longest in Mindanao once completed. The projects costs P384,259,000 and will be built by UKC Builders, Inc. Below is our version of the bridge route as seen in the billboard. The approach at Macabalan side will affect a densely populated community.

bridge bonbon

The project will enable efficient logistic transport from Iligan City to the Cagayan de Oro Port. Further, it will also decongest traffic in the city. See photos below during the ground breaking with 1st Dist. Rep. Rolando “Klarex” Uy.



The bridge design will allow barges and motor boats to navigate below the bridge.

with photos grabbed from Barangay Carmen Facebook page

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  1. RFM says:

    From the billboard, it says it will be the longest bridge in Mindanao!

  2. adiboy says:

    hala. nice one. kadaghan na gyud tulay sa cdo uy. unta jada pagka design hehe

  3. Boodex says:

    Another infrastructure development from the city and it would greatly help reduce traffic congestion in the downtown area. Apart from MM, CDO maybe known to be the city of bridges.

  4. bruce willie says:

    mapuno na dayon og squaters sa bonbon side

  5. toto says:

    as of now, iloilo city is the city of bridges….

  6. pikat says:

    unsaon mga namumuno diri sa cdo giatiman gyod ang mga skwater kay dahil sa kanila panalo sa pulitika.sayang ning syudara walay nindot nga landmarks ang makita poro mantener naay kalsada widening kono pero mao ra ghapon gpadak an ang kalsada para parkingan sa vehicles ang isig ka kilid nga kalsada resulta imbis 4 lanes 2 lanes lang ghapon mantener ra ghapon.naay mga bulak sa island wala atimana gpasagdan nga mangamatay kung si degong pa untay namunoan dri x5 ang progress sa cdo.

  7. halika seriusohinkta says:

    Unsaun mn subra kakorakot mn ang mayor gd grabe k kwatan.

  8. palaboi says:

    On the tarp posting on the first picture, is that a dike surrounding Macabalan? or is that the coastal road?

  9. lamboCDO says:

    agree to bai pikat.. DU30

  10. Deicide says:

    city of billboards and bridges

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