RANDOM SHOTS: Lapasan Highway

Lapasan is arguably Cagayan de Oro City’s major commercial district outside the city proper. An area which borders Limketkai Complex and Market City in the west, Cagayan de Oro Port and Macajalar Bay on the north, Capitol University Medical Center on the east and JR Borja Extension on the south, it characterized the city’s economic growth which expanded the city proper from the old Divisoria area to the National Highway.

Photos taken today shows a stretch of the National Highway in Lapasan where business is booming.


Just far ahead is the junction at Puregold.


And traffic usually starts at Lapasan as you enter the city.


Hotels, banks, shops, etc….


And with the eventual opening of the coastal road, continued development is already foreseen.

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  1. Ptr Nene says:

    Time to build those pedestrian barricades along the highway curbs and foot bridges across at strategic places, don’t you think?
    The highway 54 that is now EDSA (“Efifanio de los Santos Avenue) looked like this in the early 60s, when I was a student in Mania. Pretty soon, without planning, it became a horrendous traffic nightmare for the next 10 yrs until Marcos put up the Light Railway Transit (LRTs, the first in SE Asia) and solved what was then the commuting problem of a quarter million passengers a day.
    The next city administration of Cdo will have to have this vision, and more….

    • RFM says:

      I agree. a narrow island to be installed along the highway from Puregold to Bugo will minimize accidents such head-on collisions and will prevent people from crossing the highway anywhere. The narrow island with lampost at the center will also help provide safety to all motorists and people along the highway.

  2. galileo says:

    nice wiring all the way, dapat underground na na para gwapo and tsada ang view

    • Sam Same says:

      dili man priority sa government ang magpa underground wiring. maypa itagana na lang sa mga kabos ug sa mga informal settlers sa cdo para mahinay hinay na kalimpyo ang mga squatters area. i think, ang mga commercial establishments maoy magbuhat ana. sama sa centrio nga gi underground nila. mahal man gud.

      • RFM says:

        In my opinion, to convert all the wirings to underground cabling system is doable. But it requires the Local Govt. initiative and leadership. We know that it is expensive, but a joint effort will do. for example, since putting up a culvert or underground passage is common to all utilities, the local government will be responsible for that. then underground cable will be shouldered by the respective Company who owns the cable – CEPALCO, Philcom, Misorter, Parasat Cable, and all others. Since the cables are expensive, the cost for these shall be charged or offsetted to the tax. But this is possible with the leadership and cooperation of all stakeholders. And will be implemented by phase and by road- starting with main thoroughfares.

    • suspended wires are the artificial habitat of birds, bats,insects, and many more. let it be like that.

  3. tkcwzor says:

    maybe create an ordinance that all truck/service/delivery van must be park at the back of the building or establishment to clear the streets and give way to private and public vehicles. about the wiring, the government should also make an ordinance nga tanan new installation of wires must be underground, unya give them 10 to 15 years to clear those wires nga murag spider web. If they will not do this, in 10 years time.. perti nana ka gubot kaau ug grabe na pud ka delikado..

  4. Views on how we transform CDO .metropolis it should be for the Sangguniang bayan and the Mayor of the City to unite and be one to pass an ordinance implementing its development. Spaghetti electrical wires should not be allowed anymore .maybe starting g next year. Giving time and telling all electricity cable telephone providers that henceforth they should have underground installations in all their wire connetioms.Eventually giving them time to clear out spaghetti wirings within the span of the incumbent mayors term.At the expense of the provider company..If they wont t comply their should be sanctioned and bar from operations. It take balls and guts to implement this cleanings..If we was t a clean City. We should vouch for a Federal type form of government. So we can have the most chunk of the budget to implement improvements in every cities municipalities and provinces. If the budget can warrant to build and create subways level one level two and railways with complete provisions of elevators escalators giving easy access to all people specially the elderly and the differently able persons..Then I will see halleluia to our City and kudos to the officials who we say are dedicated servants of the people.If accomplished we see a different Cagayan de Oro City ten to twenty years.After all Rome was not built I in a single day.

    • RFM says:

      It is so easy to say that by just telling the companies to do underground cabling but it will have NO effect because these companies are private and they operate based on the laws of the land. That is why i suggested that to realize underground cabling it should be with the leadership of the Local Government and cooperation by the private companies. how? by forming a joint effort and give them tax incentives because the cost is more than double the cost of ordinary wiring and cabling system.

  5. SuperLove says:

    Uhmm. So nobody complains with those billboards which is an eyesore. It will be much better if those billboards will be minimize and some will be converted into an electronic billboard with a size limitation

    • RFM says:

      The billboards installed very near the high voltage lines are one of the causes of power interruptions. There is a need to regulate the installation of billboards along high tension wires. There should be sufficient allowance from these high tension wires such as an allowance of at least 5 meters away from high tension wires.

  6. pikat says:

    tinginit na sa cdo pero gpasagdan lang sa administration nga mangamatay ang plants sa island sa kalsada.ang ubang cyudad firetruck ang gigamit para mamobo sa tanum pero sa cdo gpasagdan nga mangamatay.during magtajas ra gyod ko makakita nga lempyo og green ang cdo city now no more.ayaw palag kay maoy tinood.

    • 02 says:

      Ana ka pabaya mga tao sa city hall ug DPWH 10, gepasagdan lang na namatay ang mga tanum diha. Nakita nko naay nag bunyag diha taga DPWH pero balde ray gamit laktud2 pajud, the next day gepang ibot ra diay japon ang mga tanum. Mga palpak!

  7. batman says:

    let us unite to hasten the beautification of CDO. I appreciate the concerns to make underground electrical, cable and other utilities. And probable plant more trees and do landscaping projects to enhance the natural beauty. GO Go Go Cagayanons !!!

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