Kagay-anon now a video artist and TV producer in New York


Maria Corazon “MariCor” Fernandez has come a long way from her hometown in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines to become a visual artist and now a producer of “ArtistSpace,” a program on Queens Public Television that highlights one artist per segment, hopefully inspiring others living in Queens, New York who pursue their passions throughout their life.

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photo from http://www.empyreproductions.com

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  1. galileo says:

    congratulations po mam maricor, keep it up, we are so proud of you

  2. Maria Alona says:

    Hi cor, so proud of u…..

  3. Grammar Police says:

    has gone*

  4. MariCor says:

    Thank You everyone and CDODEV.COM. Please visit http://www.empyreproductions.com for more of the featured shows. Salamat 😉 – MariCor

  5. esequio f. ladera says:

    kudos maricor were proud of you here in new york

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