PROJECT WATCH: “Airplane” now installed at Laguindingan Rotunda

A brief travel during the long weekend allowed us to get a glimpse of the latest update of the Laguindingan Airport Rotunda.

As shown, the main structure at the center island is now almost done.


And on top of it is a replica of an airplane.


Zooming it further indicates an airplane with the logo of the DPWH.


Meanwhile, work on the landmark structure at the island leading to Iligan City has also started. However, we failed to take a photo of it. We’ll take a snapshot next time.

Keep posted.

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  1. joyjose says:

    seriously? we don’t need to be this tacky!

  2. Wan says:

    Pila kaha ang pondo paghimo ani? Is it really a need?

  3. BoyKulot says:


  4. tarpolano says:

    gidako nalang pud unta. life size para tsada picturan lol

  5. joel says:

    that looks ridiculous. the design of the park was already pretty good and modern. now it looks like its vandalized by a 6 year old kid who left his toy.

  6. joseas says:

    lol. I have to agree. It really is tacky. It would have been better if it is life-sized where people can go inside and pic pic. hahaha xD

  7. ungas says:

    Bata ang ga himo anah…butang na lng pud nilag elikopter ug tangke de gira,nya mga building dayn gi atak sa godzilla(oro)

  8. BombShell says:

    BZ BA

  9. dunzki says:

    Oh really! is this a landmark or is just a fill in the blanks; a waste of money. I can’t see any significance / iconic / wow factors…. Ang daming famous Local/National Artist who can design way better than that. A very huge solid structure, adorned with a very tiny light element on top? Balance and Proportion

  10. AronIngnon says:

    tacky LOL

  11. Ayjayar says:

    Why do they have to put the logo of the DPWH there (is there anybody else?). And who took the picture showing the GARBAGE CANS at the right side of the photo? Are we supposed to associate the DPWH with basura?”
    I recall at the old Lumbia airport before, there was a huge sign for incoming motorists. It said: “GOD SPEED! ” And for arriving passengers: WELCOME TO CAGAYAN DE ORO, THE CITY OF GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP!” Now, are we supposed to say: “Hurray, DPWH?”
    …agree: TACKY

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