RANDOM SHOTS: Cagayan de Oro City skyline as seen from the bay

Here are latest panoramic shots of Cagayan de Oro City taken aboard a sea vessel as it cruises along Macajalar Bay.

Despite the smog, two buildings clearly standout in the background of the city’s coastal area of Lapasan: Limketkai Luxe Hotel at left and Centrio Tower at right.


The city’s port is one of the major transshipment and passenger hubs in the country.


In a few years, four tall buildings will be added to this view: Aspira Tower 1, MesaVerte Towers 1 & 2, and The Loop North Tower.


The gantry cranes of Cagayan de Oro Port are used in the fast transfer of cargoes especially container vans from ships to the yard and vice-versa.


all photos courtesy of Jes Sim Palarca

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  1. Cowboy says:

    Same view from up here at uptown. Today’s supposedly a clear day but I can no longer see Camiguin from afar for weeks now, and there seems to be no stopping the haze from blocking the view. Unending widespread bushfires in Mindanao has caused this I suppose. The air we breathe is no longer healthy, and the heat is getting worse. I call everyone to proactively plant a tree in every space in your land available. Let’s return the favor to our land (planet) this time. I beg everyone to halt land clearing and let’s breathe for awhile from all our political, social, and economic cares. And if there’s any group planning to do a tree planting activity, I’d gladly volunteer. Message me. Thank you, Admin.

  2. Neverpa says:


  3. Cowboy says:

    …And here’s to praying from the One Above, to bring us rain.

  4. PVIsaac says:

    Used to be I only see smog of this density whenever my inter-island ship approaches North Harbor. Sad to see that my beloved hometown is going the same way atmospherically. I believe that concerted effort can provide a solution and relief.

  5. Khyle101 says:

    Hi cowboy… Yes very indeed! Tsada kaau imong advocacy, maka contribute gyud sa atong nasod especially kay mother earth….unlike sa uban dha ga bugal bugal walay hinungdan,dili maka tabang sa nasod…why dont you try to shut up and do ur shares little bastard? Instead of making damn comment?????….

  6. lonngskie says:

    i think visible pud puhon ang ecom tower on top sa smcdo2 premier ug usab ang hotel kun idayun tong plano

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