The Bitan-ag Bridge Project is now nearing completion. Except for a section of the lane beside Limketkai Gateway and SM CDO2 Premier, the main bridge component as well as the approaches are now nearly finished.

As shown, the wide expanse of CM Recto Avenue can be observed.


Hopefully, they will also place an island dividing the eastbound and westbound lanes.


Work is now concentrated on a short section of the eastbound lane.IMG_5786 IMG_5787

Concreting is already underway for the remaining lane.


Note that the elevated roadway is now almost at level with the ground level of both Red Planet Hotel and the SM Mall.



Hopefully, the drainage problem will finally be solved.

  • Manchester-United

    unta giuagan daan na ang dalan kaniadto pa tan-awa karon pwerte na ka trafik…..

  • Skylark

    Sori ha..tuig nko wa k uli s akong syudad. Asa may inyong giingon nga bitan ag bridge???haha. Akong nkita ay ketkai overpass ug sm2 constn mana. Asa may inyong giingon???haha ambot

    • Actually, dli sya bridge like literal nga over pass. Ilaha lang gi elevate and dalan,

      • RFM

        A bridge is defined as a structure carrying a road, path, railroad, or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad, or other obstacle. do you have problem with this definition?

  • RFM

    Bitan-ag bridge is just a short bridge.

  • Pacman Republic

    Unta sab ayuhun nila ng mga spaghetti wires sa hiway! Grabe na ky eyesore jud. Mag-underground cabling unta ang cepalco. Ngano nahimo man sa davao? Nganong dili man mahimo sa cdo??? Jst saying…. ?