RANDOM SHOTS: Summer is here as flowers start to bloom

You’ll know summer is just around the corner when these pink flowers located along the Bulua-Opol stretch of the National Highway as shown below start to bloom.

If you have travel plans, you might just see several of these along the way.

12819351_1354113754603805_7675722763961907955_o 1558496_1354110591270788_5342360694968581627_n 10373783_1354108631270984_6246286045941408298_n 12063610_1354111587937355_1767251635891323141_n 10304_1354109321270915_526705275873763944_n 1511365_1354107561271091_3759600698577605445_n 1937011_1354112531270594_7778049032881241152_n 1916558_1354110954604085_2333544036415198935_n 941074_1354108911270956_2113065644855458456_n 12495996_1354112114603969_2529702996272979727_o

all photos by GioJoe Amoguis

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  1. BombShell says:


  2. Joey says:

    Hello peeps! Can someone kindly translate these in Bisaya? “I’ll just tell you if I’m already here” and “I will go to that destination, please.” I’m from Manila and it’s my first time to visit CDO. Hope someone will help me with this. Thanks in advance!

  3. hyperjanjan says:

    are those cheery blossoms?

  4. Unsay tawag ani nga kahoy? Mao ning palawan cherry na ilang giingon?

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