City amends river rafting ordinance; okays new rates


The Cagayan de Oro City Council recently approved City Ordinance No. 13052-2016, amending Article IV, Section 1 of Ordinance No. 11087-2008, otherwise known as the Whitewater Rafting Ordinance, paving the way for increase in river rafting minimum uniform rate and rename the old routes as well as open new routes.


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  1. RFM says:

    With these new rates, I think I will not waste my limited hard earned money within 5 years. I am not against increasing the rates but the increase should have been “not that high at once”. Anyway, let us see if this will make them (the operators) rich or “langawon sila”

  2. palaboi says:

    taas ra kaayo ang increase.

  3. XYreal says:


  4. RFM says:

    What is sad here is that tourism industry which includes the hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, delicacy stores, and transport vehicles will be affected. in other words the increase is too much at once. maybe the increase could have been done by 25% increase for every 3 years.

  5. Glenn Sotar says:

    Very confusing to the customers.

  6. Steve says:

    The increase is large because the rates have been the same for so many years, with costs going up all the while. They really have no choice: rafts need to be replaced, new equipment is needed, and the guides badly need better pay. Can’t do that without raising the prices, and when you put it off for so many years the increase is large. People outside the industry often have no idea how high the costs are in running a rafting company.

    • RFM says:

      It is the fault of the operators for not having an increase after a 3 years of their operations. and the burden was put to the prospective customers. well, anyway no matter how you defend yourself as one of the operators, the outcome of the increase will either make or break you. Let us see. May it not happen that it will break you. but in reality you are jeopardizing the tourism industry. when i say tourism industry i mean all the players of tourism in the City and the Northern Mindanao – hotels, restaurants, stores for souvenirs and delicacies, transportation, etc.

  7. RFM says:

    I just hope that the City Mayor will veto the ordinance for the sake of industry. and that the increase will not be that big.

  8. Philip says:

    wala nai ganahan mo rafting kung ing ana nga rates.. ngita na lang ta lain lingaw sa summer.. instead na increase.. dapat naa decrease aron maka inganyu og bisita.. dapat pondohan na sa city government.. total ni gamay man ang cost sa crudo.. og usa pa, dili man bag-o ang mga equipment.. karon pa jud summer nga init kaayu, mabaw ang suba, wala kaayu rapids.. gud luck na lang sa mga operators

  9. Davarkags says:

    wow! the increase is almost doubled. it’s too much!

  10. j_d says:

    Ahhh mahala pud oy gisi man sab atong ba-ba ani,,,,Hah????????

  11. Marcathomest says:

    Many people in the gouverment fill up the bags. On my site the visitors going down around 30%. High peso low euro. They go now to other lands. Like vietnam. 50% up the price is more that european tourist pay. Its expensiver like europe raftings and the service is 100% more. But the last 12 month in the philippines is ” price higher service and standarts lower”

  12. john says:

    The increase is TOO EXTRAVAGANT….period.

    The increase should have been done in tranches….instead of attracting tourists, we are DRIVING THEM AWAY….why are our people in govt so dumb?

    • Marcathomest says:

      Why the gouv. Makes prices ? To make the prices must make the travel guide not a office. Only give a license that tourguides have the skill to do that they must control.
      Think its more komunismus then free calkulation. They make it next time with hotelprices too ? Or if i visit the beach ?
      Then good night philippines.

  13. Skylark says:

    Its sad. Dollar its too much for the ordinary the way its good for ya

  14. longskie says:

    balik ra japun ta sa law of demand and supply…kun kusog ang demand so walay effect ang increase pero kun low meaning they will have to adjust their price otherwise mamatay ang industry ug maka apekto noon ang pag increase sa rates sa tourist influx sa city…mga bright man kaha ang nag himo ani nga rate increase so ila na daan gi hunahuna ang effect ani…

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