Motorists were greeted early today to heavy traffic specifically along RN Pelaez Boulevard near Liceo de Cagayan University as the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) began a road maintenance project.

As shown, all southbound vehicles were reduced to use just one lane as the other lane is closed. This happened during rush hour as the vehicle line stretched towards Maharlika Bridge. Fortunately, traffic personnel were onsite to prevent undisciplined and impatient drivers from counter-flowing.

IMG_5671 IMG_5672

A billboard posted near the site revealed the project is part of the Asset Preservation of National Roads: Preventive Maintenance Based on Pavement Management System Highway Development and Management (HDM-4) Intermittent Sections. As indicated, the project costs P1,470,044.08 and to be completed in 37 calendar days.


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