Renowned architect shares views on Gaston Park development


Renowned architect and urban planner Paulo Alcazaren shares his views on the development of Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro City’s historical plaza in his ongoing series about regarding Philippine plazas in his Philippine Star column CITY SENSE.

Read what the award-winning architect has to say in his column HERE.

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  1. Richard Q says:

    he rated the plaza 6/10. great article and worth reading guys 🙂

  2. Wowo says:

    An honest review. Such a piece of gem of an area. Tennis courts should be demolished to pave the way of the facade of the church.

  3. RFM says:

    I liked his idea of connecting Gaston park and Duaw Park by removing the Flower Shop Stalls and Tennis Court. With this, we can can have a good view of architectural design of Cathedral and the Cagayan de Oro River and of course the Old City Hall. this will be awesome plus the new dancing fountain, it will really attract people to come and stay for relaxation and recreation.

  4. Davarkags says:

    I totally agree. Duaw Park is a piece of crap. It’s a waste of money. They should bring back Plaza de Oro and demolish the flower shop stalls and the tennis court and expand Gaston Park.

  5. Osama says:

    I should say connecting gaston to duaw park is a great idea. the tennis court and the flower shops should be relocated somewhere since those are an eyesore in that area.

  6. Paulo Alcazaren is a well respected landscape architect in Southeast Asia. His suggestions in improving the plaza complex which is the oldest section of CdeO should be followed. What is lamentable is that Gaston Park is covered with concrete and it was once an oasis of greenery of the city.Btw its Toribio Chaves not Segundo Gaston who was the first Mayor of Cagayan. Gaston is credited for landscaping the pre- war plaza and putting a children’s playground there.Thats why the park is named after him.

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