By Maria Monica L Borja

A third year Development Communication student of Xavier University emerged as champion in the college division in the recently concluded third installment of ABS-CBN interschool newscasting competition held Saturday, March 5.

Brian Adam Anay faced off against other participants, who are taking various communication courses, from private and public universities and colleges in Northern Mindanao.

“It was very surprising and overwhelming in the way that I did not expect to win,” Anay mused, adding that “Before the name of our school was called, I was assuring myself that I did an excellent job and I did great. I was even mouthing to my friends ‘Love me still’ if ever I won’t win.”

The competition covered three categories, namely, news reading, voice of the people (vox pop) campaign and impromptu annotation in front of a crowd of hundreds at SM Cagayan de Oro.

In the first category, each school representative was required to write a news article in English using the facts given to them, and to translate their news report to Filipino and Cebuano. Anay reported on the forthcoming national and local elections.

Anay highlighted the “Ridge-to-Reef Young Leaders Camp” in the vox pop campaign category. The said camp aimed to establish a connection between the lumad youth of Bukidnon and the young leaders of different universities and colleges in CDO towards protecting and preserving the environment, from the upland communities down to the bodies of water in the region.

In the final round, Anay battled against other contestants in a tough annotation of breaking news in Bisaya, where he reported on illegal drugs on the spot.

“There are two things I’ve learned from the competition: To be confident and to remain humble no matter what. Grabe ang test sa akong confidence through the competition and coming out victorious. I was able to experience how humbling it is to be on top because I owe [this achievement] to all people who believed and trusted in me since the beginning,” Anay said.

“I am happy to be the first winner from XU-DevCom. I am so happy to represent the school,” he added.

The newscasting champion also expressed his gratitude for the guidance provided by his coach, DevCom instructor Rechelle Ann Tolinero-Barraquias.

“There’s no ‘anting-anting’ or lucky charm in [winning the contest]. It was pure hard work. I am so glad to have such supportive family, friends, and also my coach who stood beside me until the end, Ma’am Rech,” Anay said.

Coach Barraquias responded with pride that their preparations paid off well.

“We worked on Adam’s delivery, especially in Bisaya and his presentation [for a] believable [delivery],” she shared. “But we only did minor improvements because Adam’s already good. I’m just so proud of him for giving his best and making us all proud.”

Anay, whose dream is to become a newscaster in the future, is setting his eyes on great things after this triumph.

“I look forward to being part of our local media here in CDO. [I felt] insecure about myself so I was not thinking of pursuing a job as a newscaster. But after the competition, I am definitely thinking of pursuing a media career,” Anay declared. Being the grand winner of the competition, Anay will embark on a stint as a campus journalist for the regional station of ABS-CBN here in the city.

Established in 2014, the ABS-CBN interschool newscasting is the biggest newscasting competition in the region providing college students with a platform to hone and showcase their interpersonal communication skills and interest in the local media industry.

Besides hard work, if there was a secret to Anay’s victory, he said, it was his strong faith in God.

“I was very insecure about myself, thinking that I am not good enough and everyone else was better than me. Gladly, I was greatly encouraged by the presence of the people who love me. Because it really takes a lot of confidence and faith to be able to stand there with a lot of people, blaring lights, and the cameras. If there ever was a secret, it would be the confidence I had from God, knowing that He is Sovereign above all,” the newscasting champion reflected.

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