PROJECT WATCH: New Dawn Pensionne expansion now at 5th level

The 18-storey expansion project of New Dawn Pensionne along Don Apolinar Velez Street in downtown Cagayan de Oro is now progressing to the 5th level.

As shown, concrete works are underway at the 4th level while columns and floor matting are ongoing on the 5th level.


The lower floors are now clear with the elevator shaft on the side.


The absence of a t-crane has slowed down the delivery of construction materials to the upper floors.


The 2 lower floors are characterized by high ceilings and these are reportedly commercial spaces intended for a fast food chain.


The columns are now rising up to the 7th level.


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  1. DreamBoy says:

    Nice 😀

  2. 02 says:

    Asa na kaha ang tcrane ani haha

  3. halika seriusohinkta says:

    21 storey daw ni

  4. tagaCDO says:

    Mcdonald ang fastfood chain nga e butang diha

  5. tagaCDO says:

    damaire, another jollibee store ang mag open diha sa cogon fronting pension hotel, Ug closure sa jollibee divisoria for renovation this coming March 18 ug sila mag occupy sa forever living nga area. but na nasad unconfirmed plan nga e moved sa june ang renovation, and renovation pud sa jollibee gaisano mall beside nazareno. post lang nako ang update.

    • CDODev Admin says:

      pension hotel? where is that?

      • RJ Read says:

        murag kanang likod sa gaisano osmeña ug tapad pud sa gaisano cogon kay demolish nman dha dpit nga area ug atbang ana naay pension house nakalimot lang ko sa name..

  6. Thirstyaf says:

    Thid is grat news indeed! Kung 21 flrs gyud ni. Mao ni pinaka taas nga bldg diha dapita. Go cdo!

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