Tabletop card and board games are back again! At Affinity Games, socialization comes without the use of Wi-Fi and electronic gadgets. Located at the 2nd floor of Grand Central in downtown Cagayan de Oro City, Affinity Games opened last March 1 and provides a wide selection of card and board games for all ages.

Experience fun and excitement with your friends and family with numerous board games to choose from. In the age of gadgetry, real human interaction has taken a backseat as people gatherings tend to show everyone tinkering with their tablets and smartphones. Affinity Games brings back the original person-to-person socialization even without a battery or electricity.


City gamers often troop to Topdeck Hobby Cafe located at Suan Arcade for card and board games. The opening of Affinity Games makes it more accessible not just to board game geeks but to everyone who might spend some time with their friends. Plus, store owner Joe Stutzke personally manages the store with a personal touch to customers or gamers. If you want to learn a game, he’ll glady teach you.

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Collectible cards are also available.



Some board games are also up for sale and Joe makes sure you’ll have best deal.

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Affinity Games is open everyday…


Rates for rental of board games are P25/hour for 1 person.


You can bring your food inside.


In case you want to play outside, you can borrow the board game set. Just present ID. Of course, the store has some policies.


Good sportsmanship is a must.



It plans to hold tournaments soon. It is still on soft opening.

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It’s game time….

with photos by Nigel Sia

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