Skateboarding enthusiasts in Cagayan de Oro will now have a playground of their own with the opening of Sovereign Skatepark, the city’s first ever skate park located in Tambo, Macasandig.

The skate park is specifically located right beside Royal Palm Mansions (see map below) and will now be a haven for the city’s longboarders. The landmark is the San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel following Biasong-Tinib Road. Previously, the city’s skaters get to do their passion in the streets and parks such as Golden Friendship Park (Divisoria) specifically at the old amphitheater site, Gaston Park and De Lara Park (Capitol) and at Camaman-an, Limketkai Center, Pueblo de Oro, Xavier Estates and Mountain Meadows, among others. In case you didn’t know, Cagayan de Oro has produced some of the country’s finest skateboarders which include Pierre Anton Bautista and Tiny Catacutan.


The skatepark as seen from outside.


The brainchild of Nino Neri and Don Magracia, the new skatepark took four months to complete. The park is divided into two sections. This smaller one shown below is for the advanced boarders with half-pipes and steeper ramps. These play areas resemble a bowl…that’s why some competitions are called bowls. The much larger section is good for beginners with less steep ramps and curbs.


An ENTRANCE FEE of P50 is charged for would-be skaters. This is good for one whole day. Of course, you should bring your own skateboard. But the park also has some boards for rent.

Helmets and safety pads are a requirement especially for beginners. By the way, the park also offers skateboarding clinics.

Watch the youtube video by Pam Renabor below.

With the opening, the city might soon host a major skateboarding tourney.

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