Here are latest photo updates of the ongoing construction of SM CDO 2 Premier in Cagayan de Oro City.

Building works are now progressing up towards the 4th level. Shown below is the mall’s main entrance at the corner of CM Recto Avenue and Osmena Street.

IMG_4518 IMG_4524

You can see the “hollow” section at the entrance.


Below is the mall’s current facade along CM Recto.


Red Planet Hotel is sandwiched by the mall. Note the ceiling height relative to the workers shown.


Below are photos along Osmena Street.

IMG_4551 IMG_4557

Full blast construction is still ongoing at the interior part of the property.

  • poyax

    Pila kaha ni ka floor? naa ba kahay na bago sa iyang design.

    • kagay-anon

      up to 6th level. pool & garden at 6th level. 12f tower (6f mall + 6f bpo tower)

  • Scorpions


  • tamjune

    naana sad unta 50 storey nga building

  • Osama

    murag nag bag o ang rendering…based on the facade

  • Bitok

    O 50 story aron malinod na ang cagayan hehheh

  • ethal borja


    • ethal borja

      I proud CDO