RANDOM SHOTS: Puerto-Bugo, CDO’s eastern gateway

Bugo and Puerto are Cagayan de Oro City’s easternmost barangays.

Bugo is where the famed Del Monte Cannery is located. Pineapple from Del Monte’s plantations in Bukidnon are processed here to become canned juice, cocktails, tidbits, among others. Traffic in its premises is observed particularly during change of shifts as hundreds of factory workers cross the highway. A pedestrian bridge and sidewalk railings helped solve the problem.


Meanwhile, Puerto is where the city’s easternmost public market is located. Products from Bukidnon and nearby towns in Misamis Oriental are often sold here. It is a thriving commercial center is the city’s eastern area servicing nearby villages and municipalities.


The construction of the Puerto Flyover eased the traffic at the Sayrhe Highway junction. However, traffic continue to pester commuters and motorists near the foot of the said flyover as it approaches the pedestrian overpass crossing towards Puerto Public Market area due to lack of discipline among the locals in the area.


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  1. Jim says:

    If only the slip roads were kept clear so vehicles could negotiate the junctions safely.

  2. Riders says:

    What the police officers doing is the thing we mind here.Under that pedestrian overpass is the police station.why is that this thing just keep on going?

  3. mark Ryan says:

    sayun rana mag himu og city ordinanace nga tanan mutabok ilalom sa over pass nga dili sr.citizen or person with disability or exempted..pag maligsan walay bayad.

  4. mark Ubaub says:

    kana pod mga inutil ubang rta cge rag pamantay diha sa divisoria ipa duty na diha sa puerto ipanakop..kay angpulis diha labaww inutil..wala managani madakpi ng swertres diha ..kana patay ilalom sa tulay…gadako ra ilang tiyan diha..kita pa namo gihubo uniporme nag gakos gakos ug nagpalibre inum sa mga burikat diha atbang sa desmark kana dalan pa gaisano.

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