No coverage equipment for local media in Presidential Debate


After the protest by local media, Comelec and GMA Network have agreed to provide more slots for Mindanao journalists in the upcoming 1st Presidential Debate on February 21 at Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City. Although the slots have increased from 5 to 25, the catch is that they will not be allowed to bring any type of coverage equipment.

Read more Bobby Lagsa’s article HERE.

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  1. CS LUIS says:

    Look at the Presidential debates in the US. When a certain network hosts the debate, they have EXCLUSIVE hold of the debate including the footage and cameras. The other networks will just have to air the footage of the network in-charge of the debates.

    Gkopya ra nato ang idea of holdings debates gikan sa mga Amerikano. So nganung magdala pa man og camera sa sulod nga naa naman mga camera ang GMA???? TSK

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