Motorela fare down to P5 as gasoline prices fall below P40

With gasoline prices now falling below P40, the motorela regular fare in Cagayan de Oro will now be P5.00.

This is based on the fare matrix (shown below) as per City Ordinance No. 11670-2010 which was enacted on March 23, 2010. As such, motorela fare for students, senior citizens and PWDs will be P4 while elementary students will be P2.


You need to remind the motorela driver of the new fares. Otherwise, violators will be penalized P500.

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  1. Mike Farrell says:

    My story for today. About a dozen years ago, on a jeepney in CDO. The fare was 3 Pesos. I gave the conductor a 5 Peso note. He turned to walk away. I tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to my palm. He gave me One Peso and turned to walk away again. I tapped him on the shoulder again and reluctantly he added another Peso to my palm, A nun, sitting across from me watched the exchange, and in the vernacular began to chew the conductor out for trying to cheat me. I told her “Sister, not to worry. He and I have different bibles. His bible says “Thou shalt not STEAL (except from foreigners). My bible says; “Thou shalt not KILL (except Filipinos stealing from foreigners.) She laughed. I didn’t.

  2. Concerned Commuter says:

    Asa pwede mag report or unsay Contact # para sa mga dili musunod ani? kai mga wais pud nang mga rela driver kai pang taguan ang ilahang taripa . Pa blind2 daun nga wala kabalo nga ni ubos napud ang plete.

  3. Burk Astig says:

    bantayi lng ang presyo sa gas kay mao raman basehan. dili na kinahanglan nga naa cla taripa na gipilit sa motor.

  4. BRIAN says:

    How about taxi fares have not gone down ????

  5. J says:

    pati jeep 5 pesos?

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