Yesterday, we posted about Bad Burgers opening at Center Point. Wild Onion Pub & Grub located just a few meters opened in late January. While these two have opened their doors to the public, several others are also set to open soon at the new commercial strip located along Domingo Velez Street in downtown Cagayan de Oro.

CDO Center Point as the strip is called has so far attracted locators mostly catering to dining and entertainment. Here are some of them:

WILD ONION PUB & GRUB – a casual, laid back, upscale eating place that provide good food, good drinks, and good company. photos grabbed from Wild Onion Facebook page



You might as well forget about browsing the net for a while…



BAD BURGERS – of course we have featured this (LINK).


PISTOLEROS KARAOKE (soon) – something tells us would be singers are quick to the draw…


EAT UP (soon) – a new place for all you can eat buffet


4DABOYS (soon) – one of two new locations. The other is at Grand Central which is now on soft opening.


A few other stalls are already being worked on. This one is said to be a restobar.


Ample parking space is provided.

IMG_4351 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4358A IMG_4359

Commercial strips and mixed-use buildings are now the development trends in the city. After Lifestyle District came Grand Central then Consortium and now Center Point.

  • Excuse my stupidity. “Ample parking space is provided”. How many business establishments are there in Center Point. How many parking spaces do they share?.How many parking spaces are withdrawn from customer usage by employees arriving prior to business hours? Where are the rest of us supposed to park?.

    • RFM

      I noticed that there is nothing good that comes out of your mouth or rather your comments. You are so negative.

      • Brothah

        good observation RFM. I am also doubting about the identity of this guy. though his statements above are all interrogative, there is something behind those. all negative. no positive lol

        • If everyone applauded, and no one critiqued, why consider improvements?

          Are you saying that the 10 million Filipinos living overseas (aliens) have no right to observations?

          My experience in 50 states and 13 countries has been that most problems arose from poor planning. Ongoing gridlock does not happen overnight. Because it builds up over time, it IS preventable.

          If my questions weren’t on target, they wouldn’t bother you, would they?

          If you want a positive comment. I enjoyed the sign; “No Wi-Fi … Talk to each other.” Too many people have forgotten how..Four people sitting at a table focusing on their I-pods and ignoring one another.

          • BoyKulot

            Mr. Mike, thank you for critiquing. Not many Kagayanons have the guts to, and not many can think critically. A lot of people in the country are very defensive when it comes to being critiqued, as you probably already know. They’re quick to say “you’re arrogant”, when really what’s being talked about is “ample parking space”.

            Had there been better parking planning, in relation to road traffic and the site, it would have served the businesses more, and cause little trouble to this already troubled street of CdO.

            Soon, we’ll all see the effects when all these commercial establishments become fully operational.

        • Early pa kaayo for violent criticisms since wla pa nahuman ang area.

          Adtui sa ang lugar then if you’re having a hard time looking for a place to park your car then

          ayha na og reklamo.

          Lisod pud if ang pics above lng ang basehan, who knows naa diay parking lot sa gawas.

          Wlay connect ang 50 states and 13 countries sa topic dude. lol.

  • Seven 14

    Sorry sa nag design nito pero kapag ganito kasi madaming commercial spaces at ganito yung building at pang restaurants at yung parking spaces eh parang apartment lang dapat may pag ka class yung design kagaya nung plazuele de iloilo ganito rin pero yung design pang italian theme opinion ko lang toh^_^

  • BombShell

    na may point si Mike Farrell