RANDOM SHOTS: The mouth of Cagayan de Oro River

The Cagayan de Oro River drains into Macajalar Bay through this seemingly narrow opening between two coastal barangays of the city: Bonbon on the west and Macabalan on the east.

The Bonbon side is characterized by a dense mangrove area with the population located further inland while the Macabalan side is a densely populated community just steps away from the dike.


In case you didn’t know it, some years back, residents cross the river by merely walking from one side to the other┬áside. It is because the area where the freshwater (Cagayan de Oro River) meets the seawater (Macajalar Bay) has become shallow due to the accumulation of silts carried by the river currents. Particularly during low tide, sometimes the depth is just knee-deep. Dangerous as it seemed but residents in the area were used to it.


A few years ago, dredging was undertaken by DPWH to siphon the silts (LINK). Now, a bridge is planned to link the two coastal communities.


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  1. Ayjayar says:

    I think we even need to not just dredge out the silt but even to WIDEN IT. A wide mouth opening of a river into the sea ensures a faster in-flow and out-flow of tidal waters and an easy channel for Kagay-an River’s flood waters during the rainy season. I believe part of the damage of ‘Sendong’ was due to a large amount of rainwater from the hinterlands that backed up upstream of the river and spilled on the sides of the city and subdivisions.

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