PROJECT WATCH: Centrio-Gaisano Overpass latest update


The main steel supports of the pedestrian overpass between Centrio and Gaisano City Mall are now installed.

As shown, work on both sides is being done simultaneously. However, we still don’t have any info whether this structure will be linked to the second levels of the two malls or just along the road.

IMG_3203 IMG_3211 IMG_3212 IMG_3213

Keep posted for update.

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  1. Emano Weak says:

    dawbi ang mga spaghetti sa mall? wala nay pa-asa matagoan pa?

  2. BasicB.... says:

    Dili unta chaka ang overpass na murag “USUAL RODRIGUEZ” overpass

  3. ayaw ingna nga orange nasad na? grabe najud

  4. j_d says:

    Kinsa kahang dagway ang ibutang nasad ana?

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