PROJECT WATCH: Centrio side of proposed overpass now in progress


The foundation at the Centrio side of the proposed overpass linking the Ayala Mall to Gaisano City Mall is now done.

As shown, the cylindrical footing can be observed by motorists and commuters along the side of the road. With footings on both side now complete, we should expect the vertical works and the overpass itself in the coming weeks. This project is long overdue. When completed, motorists can now proceed without hassle along this section of CM Recto Avenue without worrying of pedestrians crossing the road.

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  1. elgei says:

    more pics please

  2. mike says:

    no bill board unta dapat naay mga ornamental plants para refreshing sa mata

  3. hasulagay says:

    City of Golden boards hasula pod

  4. Pop says:

    Seven eleven soon to open sa Centrio

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