Pageant organizers pushed thru with several lined-up activities for Mister and Miss Pancontinental 2015 to the delight of the candidates despite the sudden pullout of Miss New Zealand last Sunday afternoon.

Nicole Harding, New Zealand’s representative to the pageant hurriedly left for Manila Sunday afternoon with several complaints which was posted in her Facebook account (screenshot below) and the news article about her became viral in social media. Read it HERE.


While Miss Harding left, the other candidates remained in Cagayan de Oro City as follows:

  1. Ms Singapore
  2. Ms Vietnam
  3. Ms Sri Lanka
  4. Ms Pakistan
  5. Ms Ukraine
  6. Ms Korea
  7. Ms Nepal
  8. Ms Australia
  9. Ms Latvia
  10. Ms Russia
  11. Ms Malaysia
  12. Ms India
  13. Ms Myanmar
  14. Ms Philippines
  15. Mr Sri Lanka
  16. Mr Singapore
  17. Mr Malaysia
  18. Mr Myanmar
  19. Mr South Africa
  20. Mr India
  21. Mr Nepal
  22. Mr Latvia
  23. Mr Australia
  24. Mr Pakistan
  25. Mr Philippines

Unlike Miss Harding, the other candidates were reportedly having a good time and even enjoyed the whitewater rafting adventure yesterday. See some of the photos below.

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Meanwhile, local tourism officials were totally dismayed with the lack of preparation, coordination of the organizers. Read it HERE. City officials are also asking for investigation on the matter which has put the city in a bad light (LINK). There is also tension between the main organizers and the local partners – Read it HERE.

And by the way, to counter Miss Harding’s impressions on the city…know it best from another foreigner Mr Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman. Read why he chose to live in Cagayan de Oro HERE.

with photos by Maria Ho and Ferdinand Galdones Abejon via Missosology Facebook page


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