Here’s the floor plan of CityMall Bulua which will rise soon near Westbound Public Market and Terminal in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City.

This image was posted online by one of the project’s consultants (LINK). As shown below, it has a supermarket and a junior anchor store aside from several commercial spaces for would-be tenants. It has one main entrance possibly fronting Westbound complex and another on the side probably from the parking lot.citymallbulua1

A closer look on the left side shows four popular fast food chains beside Food World.citymallbulua2 citymallbulua3

On the same website also shows the total floor area at 8,726 sqm.


Meanwhile, CityMall Iponan is a little bit larger with 10,509 sqm.


Both projects have been officially listed in CityMall’s website as shown below.


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