SPM 10 has been designing and building its clients’ dreams since 2010. See list of completed projects HERE.

SPM 10 or Strategic Property Management 10 is a builder of Strategic Real Estate Investment Platforms and Concepts that helps its clients with the design, development and management procedures that they will engage to when investing on real estate projects.


Basically, when a client has a property they want to develop, either as a home that they can live at or a commercial property to be leased, SPM 10 helps with the process to utilize the property more so. However, if our clients are fully-decided on what they want to see happen with their property, SPM 10 is also in the business of taking your burdens away from you and completing all-inclusive (from piping to lighting to wiring services) to have projects completed in the briefest time possible. SPM 10 will help you step by step until you reach the top.

SPM 10 is composed of a group of young professionals, ranging from Engineers, Designers, Economists and Sales and marketing enthusiasts — who are not only masters of their own craft but also visionaries and of course service oriented.

10 is a very important number for SPM10 because it stands for the Strategic Corporate Objectives of the company which is to develop 10 investment platforms, operate in 10 cities, and do it in 10 years.

If you have an idle property and you want it developed but do not know where to start maximizing its use, let SPM10 assist you conceptualize designs, allow SPM10 to build it for you and manage it to be able to utilize its potential.

Contact SPM10 now! Their office is located at the 2nd Floor of Dupoint Building, Velez-Cruz Taal Streets, Cagayan de Oro City. You may send email at or call at 0917.706.3446.

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