Prior to the advent of cellular phones with digital camera, photographers at Cagayan de Oro’s Gaston Park have been making a livelihood of taking pictures of people mostly church goers and others who would just want a photo with friends, families and loved ones.

Because film rolls need to be exhausted before being developed, pictures and negatives will be available only after several days and even a week. But now with digital photography, one can have several pictures taken and stored in a memory card… selfies and groupies. More often, many photos nowadays are just soft copies stored in the memory card, laptop, desktop, tablet, USB…and the actual “photo” (hard copy) just a mere option.

At Gaston Park, photographers also needed to improvise to attract customers such as this one with a heart-shaped background.


And for P50, a 5R size photo can be printed in less than a minute with this portable printer.


…and then memories will last forever and you don’t need a gadget to view them.



When did you last print your photo?

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