PROJECT WATCH: Centrio-Gaisano overpass now underway

Construction of the pedestrian overpass linking Centrio Mall and Gaisano Mall is now underway.

As shown in the following photos, one of the columns along the Centrio side can now be seen. Actually, excavation works began a couple of weeks ago but was initially assumed as part of the ongoing drainage rehab works. However, when workers started to bring in steel bars at the site and this concrete foundation began to emerge, the thought of the proposed overpass suddenly came by.IMG_0491 IMG_0492


Meanwhile, on the Gaisano side (actually beside Nazareno Church), initial excavation has been undertaken.



When this pedestrian overpass is done, motorists won’t have to stop at the pedestrian crossing lane…unless of course some hard headed pedestrians will still jump over the island.

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  1. Davarkags says:

    This will ease the traffic in that area. Dapat dakpon ang mag jaywalking diha once mahuman ang overpass…

  2. chirstiano manchester says:

    widen the road first…unsaon mana ang overpass kung gamay gyapon ang dalan traffik gyapon kaayo…cagayan de oro is the big city of the north the gateway also,but the road is too small…widening the road from 4 to 8 lanes para preparasyon sa umaabot nga katuigan..

    • rudy mijares says:

      widening of the road/highway is good but the more practical solution is sky-way. With the sky-way, we avoid the problem expropriation and Right of Way negotiations. There is a need to have a skyway from Licuan Junction up to Puerto Junction.

  3. joseas says:

    i think they will close it para dili katabok. haha sana tsada ang design dili ordinary-looking overpass. hahaha

  4. Trouverph says:

    Widening the road is a good idea. However, does the city govt or dpwh has the budget for expropriation? Will the properties give in to expropriation proceedings? To ease traffic is to instill discipline among drivers and motorelas should have specific routes not just anywhere to go route.

  5. Mark architect says:

    they should have direct entrance to the 2nd floor of the department store adjacent the escalator so people will really prefer to use it. I think this was anticipated by architects behind Centrio.

  6. Gene Eric says:

    Last Thursday, my aged parents from out of town came here for medical checkup. Their complaints are: too high jeepney steps and distance of Gaisano jeepney loading?inloadinf from the pedestrian lane as the neatesy is blocked by steel fences. Thos ovetpass eill be a blessong for senior citizrns

  7. Gene Eric says:

    Sorry for typos, using mobile

  8. unsa ni palisiti. kon gusto ipantindog ang oberpas ipadayon mao kana ang kuwarta sa katawhan.

  9. aramacir says:

    ang pangutana??????mu agi kaha ang mga tao dha???naa ko nakit an sa carmen na tao na nitabok sa dalan bisag naa overpass.gibadlong ng RTA. NASUKO pa.hahay.

    • rudy mijares says:

      The only effective solution to bar people from crossing the road and not use the overpass at Carmen, West City Central School is to put up a FENCE (cyclone wire or square bars with a height of 8 feet) at both sides of the road and a span long enough (may be 500 meters long) to discourage crossing the road.

  10. bebang says:

    eh, di wow!

  11. ekak says:

    Dugay na unta na gi-tukod ang overpass! Pila na ka tuig ang Centrio og an traffic diha na high way! Timing daun kay hapit na election piste! Mag-anticipate pud unta ang LGU na traffic sa mga malls sa downtown CDO….Piste ang cogon ug carmen market traffic pirmi dili mu sukol ang RTA!

    • rudy mijares says:

      agree! daug-daug lang ang divisioria area… but other areas such as carmen, cogon, Kauswagan-Bonbon-Bayabas junction, and Bulua area – NO RTA.

  12. atonibai says:

    unta escalator ang ibutang sa overpass para dili kapuyan musaka ang mga tao. dapat pud unta nice ang design parehas diha sa MUST og Gateway nga overpass.

  13. kaloy says:

    share lang nako. na-dakpan mi sa akong papa sa Westbound Terminal kay wala nag-seat belt akong papa. Graveh ang paki-looy sa RTA nga multahan akong papa kay aron patas daw kuno sa uban, ug ako pong papa nga mangtas, di musogot kay si BAMBI iyang toyo sa kapitolyo ug trabaho ni Bambi iyang gi asikaso. Mao to nga looy kaayo ang RTA wala ka palag. HAHA. Maynalang kay paghuman adto, nag seatbelt man pud akong papa on the way to city proper.

  14. rudy mijares says:

    Tan-awa lagi diha sa Cogon, the vendors there are so matapang/isog, ang resulta surrender ang RTA!

  15. MBY | Bukidnon says:

    When election comes… but as per quality, so far, I have not seen any other city around the country with overpass having escalators, only in CDO 🙂

  16. warwar says:

    mao ni 10M with escalator? thank you Cong. Rodriduez

  17. Zach says:

    Actually dili ni madayon kay sayop ang plastar, ibalhin daw ni

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