In the age of electronic gadgets, technology has somewhat changed childhood play. More often, during playtime, you’ll see them tinkering with their cellphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, instead of playing traditional games such as ‘patintero’, “holen’ (marbles), ‘sipa’, ‘maro’, ‘agawan base’, ‘chinese garter’, ‘piko’, ‘tumbang preso’, among others.

On a late Sunday afternoon at Gaston Park in Cagayan de Oro City, a group of children are seen playing this popular outdoor game which name we have already forgotten. As shown in the following photos, these children aged from about 12 or less were enjoying and having fun. This outdoor game is played with two groups. By means of a coin toss or jack-en-poy, one group will either choose as the thrower or the player. The thrower group positions its members in two opposing sides while the players group positions at the center between the opposing sides. The object of the game is to tag the members of the other group (players) by throwing a ball at them. Members hit by the ball will be considered “out”. The throwers take turns hitting the players until all of them are hit. However, if there is only one player left, a countdown begins by counting the number of ‘missed throws’. Depending on what was agreed between the 2 teams, as in this case, they agreed for ‘5 missed throws’. If the throwers missed 5 straight throws, all other other “tagged” players will return at center and play resumes. If the last player is tagged within the 5 allocated throws, the teams exchange places and the fun part begins…

IMG_0440 IMG_0445

Nothing beats the fun and enjoyment of the children….IMG_0444

IMG_0443 IMG_0442 IMG_0441


Have you played this game?


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