By Isabela Page


  1. Did you ever imagine being crowned the next Miss CDO queen? -When you really want something, you have to attract all positive vibes to get it. So yes. I have always wanted to be Miss CDO so imagining it was one thing and working for it was another.


  1. When the Q and A segment was already happening, what was going thru your mind? -During the Q and A portion, I only had one person in mind and that was God. I was talking to him, asking for his guidance and wisdom, praying that I’d be able to answer the question correctly.


  1. What was most challenging about the Miss CDO Pageant? The most challenging about Miss CDO is that each candidate went through a screening- even though I came in on the second screening after few official candidates couldn’t make it to the pageant duration and that made every candidate a strong contender vying for the crown. As soon as the opportunity to join was opened to me, I told myself “An opportunity doesnt knock twice”, so the moment I was offered for an invitational screening, I immediately embraced the opportunity with both hands.


  1. How to you deal with online bashers and critics? -“I cannot please everyone” and “No matter how good a person you believe you are, there will always be someone ready to criticize you”, these are the lines I kept reminding myself of. It’s part of what the society that is today. Any winner would not be free from critics including myself.


  1. What were the valuable lessons you learned from the pageant? -One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Miss CDO 2015 is that, “With God, nothing is impossible”. In every competition it’s really inevitable that some people will really have to drag you down, but my strong faith in God kept me standing every time I fall hard on the ground.


  1. What will be your tourism advocacy as Miss CDO 2015? – I would like to advocate a cause that will promote and protect the beauty of the Cagayan de Oro River. This river is the living witness to our humble yet mystical beginnings as Cagayanons and I would like for people in and around CDO to appreciate this by way of planting trees along the riverbanks, helping promote the river rafting industry, engage in cleaning the river and waterways leading to the river, and perhaps many other ideas we can think of.


  1. Whats next after Miss CDO 2015? -since I’m under a contract with the City Tourism of CDO and JCI Bai Lawanen for a year, I guess I’ll have to wait for whatever decisions they have for me in the pageantry world. But for now, Id like to enjoy my reign and give back to the city. But I’m hoping I’d get a chance to represent CDO for Miss Philippines Earth 2016.


  1. What’s that one thing the people don’t know about you as a person? People don’t know that I am very passionate about my education and that at the moment I am finishing my second bachelor’s degree with the hope of proceeding to law school after.


  1. What kind of beauty queen do want to be remembered? That I was highly committed to my responsibilities as tourism advocate. That I represented every girls dream to be a beauty queen in a manner that is pleasing to many and to God.


  1. To whom do you dedicate your win? -To everyone who believed in me. Of course my family especially to my mama and papa, my friends and everyone who supported me from day 1 up until the coronation night. They were my source of strength to continue the fight, and because of them I made it this far. I am who I am today, and I am where I am today all because of them. So this victory is for them. To God be the glory!


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