Here’s part 3 of the Higalas Parade of Floats and Icons in Cagayan de Oro City.

More private and public schools…an Icon (Arcadia Valenzuela), winners of Little Miss Cagayan de Oro, an unnamed Icon misplaced between school contingents, float of 2Go, and a happy foreigner tourist enjoying the parade.

IMG_9794 IMG_9888 IMG_9884 IMG_9881 IMG_9878 IMG_9876 IMG_9875 IMG_9871 IMG_9870 IMG_9866 IMG_9864 IMG_9862 IMG_9861 IMG_9859 IMG_9858 IMG_9857 IMG_9855 IMG_9854 IMG_9853 IMG_9852 IMG_9851 IMG_9850 IMG_9848 IMG_9846 IMG_9844 IMG_9843 IMG_9842 IMG_9841 IMG_9840 IMG_9838 IMG_9837 IMG_9836 IMG_9835 IMG_9834 IMG_9832 IMG_9831 IMG_9830 IMG_9828 IMG_9827 IMG_9825 IMG_9824 IMG_9823 IMG_9822 IMG_9821 IMG_9820a IMG_9820 IMG_9819 IMG_9818 IMG_9817 IMG_9816 IMG_9815 IMG_9814 IMG_9813 IMG_9812 IMG_9810 IMG_9807 IMG_9805 IMG_9801 IMG_9800 IMG_9799 IMG_9796 IMG_9795

Keep posted for part 4.

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