RANDOM SHOTS: The colors of Higalaay Carnival Parade

The Higalaay Carnival Parade has gotten more colorful this year.

Browse over these photos and marvel at the eye-catching costumes of the participants and you might wonder, where were you during this parade?

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photos by GioJoe Amoguis, Augusto Cabrera and Higalaay Festival FB page

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  1. Bob says:

    This should have been widely promoted prior the very festive carnival parade. This is so much worth seeing for everyone in and around the city to witness and feel the vibe! So i missed this. What has the city tourism missed doing?

    • glen says:

      usahon ang mga parade ug eheld mismo on the day of the fiesta. the city tourism office must heavily promote the festival. thru popular media platforms, national tv, radio and newspapers as well as the local media.

  2. Carmenanon says:

    Nice…whata colorful parades…its world class presentations

  3. Davarkags says:

    This should come with the Higalas parade of Floats and Icons. I missed this one and seeing the pictures really look very festive and fun. but I watched the Higalas parade this morning. gamay ra ang icons karon pati ang contingent sa float. kadaghan mga civic parade ra from schools, companies and organizations.

    i thought the Higalas was the main attraction of the fiesta but compared to this parade, this should be the main attraction. malibog ang mga turista og bisita, (bisag ako nga taga cdo) kung unsa jud ang mas tsada tan-awon, ang higalas carnival parade ba o higalas parade of floats and icons.

    In my own opinion, dapat usahon nalang tanan, Higalaay Festival (which includes the carnival, floats and icons) nga pagahimoon sa mismong adlaw sa kapistahan (Aug. 28). I remember when i was a kid back in the 80’s, ang parade kay during the fiesta jud kay human namo tan-aw derecho na mi mamista. In Cebu for example, the Sinulog parade is always done during the fiesta mismo (third Sunday of January).

    Og siguro ang civic parade which should only be composed of the drum and bugle corps, cat, rotc, boys scout and girls scout from different schools, civic organizations, companies, etc, should be durng the bisperas.

    • Jane says:

      I suggest ang carnival parade sa Aug 28 e held then ang parade of floats and icons sa Aug 27. What do you think? 😀

  4. Davarkags says:

    that’s a good idea. pero kulang sa promotion ang carnival parade kay ako mismo wala jud ko nakabalo nga naa diay ingon-ana nga parade. mas nakabalo pa ko sa parade of floats and icons nga mas tsada man diay ang carnival parade wala na hinoon ko kakita. samot na siguro ang mga bisita og mga turista wala sila’y kahanawan kung kanus-a og unsa ang festival parade diri sa cdo. just saying.

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