Two years after closing the pedestrian lane under the Gaisano City-Mall bridge (LINK), the City’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) has re-opened the same thereby allowing pedestrians to cross it like they used to before.

Shown below is a traffic enforcer directing traffic and pedestrians at the subject lane. IMG_8504

This was closed in July 2013 after public transport like motorelas and jeepneys clog up the entrance to both Gaisano buildings to pick up passengers crossing the lane which resulted to traffic build up. However, perhaps the move to re-open the lane is caused by the traffic build-up at the section right after Gaisano Mall where the road narrows into a 2-lane road and where Pier-bound jeepneys and motorelas pick up passengers. Motorela drivers often ignore the NO U-TURN SIGN placed at the center of the road unless an RTA enforcer is around.IMG_8500 IMG_8501


Sometimes the solution really is to assign a team of RTA personnel at the area and apprehend violators picking up passengers along the pedestrian lane.

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