Nothing beats the original – CHINGKEETEA’s new home still serves Cagayan de Oro City’s best milk tea with their best seller – wintermelon milk tea. But the added draw is the much bigger space with walls of artistic creativity and limitless imagination in interior decoration.

The new home somewhat resurrected an old apartment building along Arch. Hayes Street near Viajero Outdoor Center. It occupies three levels and basically renovated all available spaces including the garage and garden area.


It’s like an art museum to some extent showcasing the works of Chingkee Te – the owner.


Patrons just love the ambiance of its interiors…


How about this square column …IMG_8462

A table with a mosaic of tile fragments…


Need an idea in artwork? Visit Chingkeetea…



Cups are endless…


This is the counter at the 3rd level… they have a loud speaker once your order is ready so if you’re in another room, you’ll definitely hear it.IMG_8465

A nice corner to reading a book…


This is the stairway to the 2nd level or mezzanine.IMG_8467

Their menu on the wall…

IMG_8468 IMG_8468a

… they also have something new – a pan de sal treat (with a twist and palaman of course).


…and some memorable quotes and phrases…IMG_8469 IMG_8470

Tables are small – conducive for intimate talk…IMG_8471

Bible verses…keep you inspired.IMG_8472 IMG_8473


A unique wall of … bag crates…


See that exit door? it leads to a spiral staircase…IMG_8480

Finishing up some tasks on your laptop…IMG_8481

With the best milk tea and some delicious snacks, you don’t need to bring in food…IMG_8482

This is the garden area if you like outdoors…IMG_8483

Would you believe this is the toilet area? If you know how to read symbols, then you won’t enter the wrong room.IMG_8484

This is the back of the building….IMG_8485

This is the main entrance to the upper levels and the main counter.IMG_8486 IMG_8487

Chingkeetea has also gone GREEN… hanging plants in plastic bottles.IMG_8488

This is the exit staircase…IMG_8489

A view of the garage…


Again…more quotes and words for inspiration…
IMG_8491 IMG_8492 IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8496 IMG_8499

Chingkeetea – proudly Cagayan de Oro’s best.

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