The former Consuelo’s Steakhouse and its adjacent diners, snack bars and music joints will be demolished to give way to a new development.

The area located along Corrales Avenue has long been a favorite night spot and hangouts for yuppies in the city. Punchbowl has been a playing venue for top local bands in the city for several years. Backyard Burgers has also attracted followers for its tasty, mouth-watering burgers. Old spots like Gamba and 99 Ranch is often crowded at night even though they changed several names. But business come and go…and so last week, all tenants had to vacate the premises for a new development planned on the site. As shown below, the place is now fenced….the structures onsite are currently being taken down.



With regards to the development…we’ll keep you posted. But rumors indicate it will still be about an ongoing lifestyle trend in the city.

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