17th Street…..yes, it’s 17th street in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City….and it’s a fiction novel written by Annie Gorra, the former TV personality in Cagayan de Oro City who is now based in Canada.

Based on the title, it seems like a horror novel…but it’s really a tribute to the city where she still considers home. Read the short description below.

I remember playing under the moonlight and under the heat of the sun with marbles or rubber bands, catching grasshoppers and climbing trees. Dogs barked and hens cackled, and in the gardens grew an abundance of fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs. Creation unfolded and we smelled her symphony of scents–the sharp, tangy, soft, gentle, oily, bitter and sweet–mingling in the tropical heat.

Such was life on 17th Street, a narrow strip of thin asphalt where families were raised and lives began and ended. For Agustin and his friends, Rhuel and Noli, it was a time for play, and learning about life, beauty, and the gift of creation. But not all was simple or idyllic. The old and quarrelsome woman IyaVellit lived alone in her nipa hut under a mango tree, fascinated by the moon. Everyone said she was a witch until a stranger’s arrival began unraveling her secret.

The Witch on 17th Street is now available as an ebook HERE.

photo from The Witch on 17th Street FB page

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