Teleperformance Philippines (TP), one of the leading global outsourcing companies providing multi-channel experiences to consumers is set to put up its own call center in Cagayan de Oro City.

In fact, Clarke & Pearson Solutions, Inc., a direct recruitment arm of Teleperformance Philippines (TP) has already posted in its website manpower requirements for the firm’s various sites in the country. See screenshot below.


Again, as stated above, applicants for Cagayan de Oro site may already submit their curriculum vitae HERE.

  • palaboi

    at Centrio Corporate Center

    • gago ka

      did they won the bid? i thought it’s Georgetown?

  • joel

    finally! hope this can address a bit the flow of people leaving the city for work elsewhere.

  • hahahah “did they won” PERFECT!

    • gago ka

      what’s the matter with that statement? FYI, Centrio Corporate Center and Georgetown Cybermall are competing to get TP’s contract to lease their offices. Centrio gave 2 months bid to renovate the office while Georgetown is in the middle of extending their cybermall vertically right now. So my question is, since Palaboi said it will be at the Centrio Corporate Center, should my question be valid? “Did they won the bid?” you’re being sarcastic.. nonsense.. or should i say: “Do they won?” “Did they win?” whatsoever…. answer my question, provided that you know some information regarding the development. Do not correct my grammar, after all, i won’t be posting as such if i’m weary enough of my English usage… -_- Pathetic.

      • Gaymar NAZI

        grammar man siguro iyang boot pasabot. kung mag-gamit man gud ka ug “did/do” ang sunod jud ana nga verb kay in present tense.
        so it should be, “did they win the bid?”… 🙂

        • gwapo

          dili man present tense, ang dapat kai base form sa verb.

          • Gaymar NAZI

            The PRESENT TENSE uses the verb’s base form (write, work), or, for third-person singular subjects, the base form plus an -s ending (he writes, she works). The PRESENT TENSE indicates that an action is present, now, relative to the speaker or writer.

            present tense = base form

            so when you use did/do, it should always be followed with a verb in present tense.

      • gwapo

        …provided that you knew some information…

  • lampornas

    Pangutana: Kanus-a?

    • kikiam

      kron nga year. before christmas…

  • emyat

    congratz CDO !!! at last meron nang major BPO/call center na papasok sa CDO.

    sana susunod na ang convergys, teletech, Sykes, JP Morgan at marami pang iba.

    • bro

      matagal na man yung merong major call center company sa cdo.. nag iisa nga lang…concentrix.. sana nga after TP, susunod na ang CVG, JP M at iba pa.


    When matukod ang JP Morgan sa CDO? Naay updates? Diba IT Company na siya?

    • KagayanonInManila

      I think ang JP Mogran is a Financial/Bank services company.


        Yes but when matukod?

        • SCHOOLBOY

          when matukod sa CDO?

          • kurapika

            i hvnt heard of any news nga magput.up ug office ang JPM sa Cdo

    • Jo Labrado

      Credit card

  • TP Cagayn will be opening few months from now as far as i know, and i’m sure of it since i’ll be transferring to Cagayan site once it opens. Workforce already confirm the said site and IT is finalizing the whole site system, but I’m not sure what account will be for the said site. I’ll post once the date will be posted form our internal communication

    • Jiquax

      please update us if kanus a jud…Im from tp cebu but im from cdo jud..thanx

  • Yes, please, @werk Akmad 😉

  • Jiquax

    uli cdo jud dayun ko!!!! kanus a man jud ni oi…ug aha ta mag apply..

  • Chinito

    I’m so excited for TP to open up their branch here in CDO, but the question is, how to apply and where is the exact place to go? Get some infos and post it guys. LOL 😛

  • nice..naa ko tp_Davao ron pero pag na ni, balhin ko pinaabtik.. hihihi

  • Jayzar Manalo

    Apply na! tag tres ang kilo ang sweldo.. hahaha!

    • Lola ni Dora

      hahaha! Three Points!

  • I’m crossing my fingers cross to get a slot for the upcoming TP branch here in CDO,goodluck to me! 😉

  • I’m sorry for the mistake I’m keeping my fingers cross pla,like to clarify that phrase lang.. 😉

  • Basig same rate ra Concentrix? hahaha

  • Joanna Marie

    Ma push through pa ba ang TP? Ingun dili na daw kay wala na materialize ang account nga i-assign diri sa CDO.

  • I hope you won’t get disappointed with the salary. Those companies with big names have the lowest offers.

  • There will be a massive competition of salaries.

  • Soon to open Dec is near.. Go live by January

  • Kung mo open ang TP mas maau para dghan trabaho, mo compete unta ila salary rate.. FYI: Basic pay: 8k – 8.5k (Probi Rate) 9k -10k (Regular) wala pa apil ang INCENTIVES OG BONUSES ANA para na sa established na callcenters sa CDO ( Arriba, Concentrix & FBC) Mas dako mo imo rate kng naa kay callcenter experience. For sure kung mka sulod ang TP sa CDO mo sulod pd ang Convergys or Sykes, kay barato ra salary rate diri.

  • TP for provincial rate is 13k per mos excluding allowances, plus HMO after 6 mos plus
    7k increase per year mandatory not requiring performance evaluation

    • Also salary rate is depending per account, premium accounts means higher salary and salary is per hour basis 1.25 per minute

    • jam

      FYI the basic is 14k, incentive is based on the account you’re into (on top of the reg pay)

      • Jo Labrado

        Lahe ang rate sa cdo ui

  • tim

    I cant wait to go home, Im kinda tired na of working here in Cebu.. Taas ug salary pero same thing hurot gihapon, ma tingbits pa pirmi. lol

    • cge mangud ka ug adto sa mga bar ug mga mahalon nga resto aron ingnon sosyal

  • Kanus a ni mutukod sa cdo??

  • Andre

    Just got this news this morning during my shift here at TP Davao. TP CDO will be opening on March 2015 at either Centrio Mall or LKK center (probably gateway tower). Xpedia and Healthnet will be the pioneering accounts. Balik CDO nata! Yeeey!

    • tier2

      unsa nay update ani?

  • Andre


    • hurry peter

      mao ba? thnx for the info

      • Andre

        Yeah. Some tenured agents here are planning to get reassigned at TP CDO also. IBEX-Global is also coming there. The recruitment officer told me when I applied there that the CDO site is their priority over Iloilo. Mas bibo daw sa CDO ana siya. Haha

        • rudy mijares

          This is good news!

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  • tim

    @anon123 pre gkahurot akong kwarta sa gasto sa akong anak ug sa rent. mao ng at least sa cdo dli nako mag bayad sa rent ug nay magbantay sa akong anak.. ga bar ko panagsa ug d ko ga resto kai unnecessary so ayaw lamalama..

  • nalingaw ko sa convo.. anyways, any update sa TP CDO?

  • Jose Manalo

    NOW HIRING! =)

  • John Vader

    Get ready CDO!!! We’re coming this March and the long wait is OVER!

  • Please follow our official FB page, for updates.

  • Engelbert Labitad Libago

    This is indeed a good news for employment development & opportunity of Cagay-anons for the BPO industry..

  • prokopyo

    Charchar kaau opening this March… Ang hiring for CBU/DVO man diay gyapon lols…

  • proud cdo

    Confirmed! TP in centrio!

  • proud cdo
  • Kintooot

    This coming July daw mag open… Nag jobfair man ang tp atong march 1, pra sa davao og cebu .. Nag ask ko when mag open pra dre sa cdo… Sa July pa …

  • asdasdasd

    taka nasad sa july pa. ka klaro atong 3rd party to nga company ang nag conduct sa interview. unsa bay hanaw nila kung knus-a ang opening diri cdo lols

    • Werkakmad

      Napostpone ang launching next month, I’ve talked to the recruitment manager for TP pH July pa ang cdo

      • Mark

        Dili nako mo too kay last yr. Ayha nako mo too kung naa najud ang tp sa cdo

  • recruitment hub raman daw mag open sa CDO hahahahahahahaha

  • The Insider

    hot ra kaau mo mga inday ug mga ondoy. paghulat lng mo kay naka laid up na ang TP Cdo site but as of the moment cge pa sila ug work out for the opening

  • stiffy

    Any update? Haay.. Gusto nku mag PA relocate…

    • wetwos

      huwat lang inig 2050

  • gio hilas

    Taga TP Cebu pud ko nga gusto magpa relocate sa CdeO… According sa amung Site Director before December this year mag-operate na ang CdeO. Last time if maka remember mo nga naay rumored nga paliton sa TP and Aegis pero wala kaayo mituo then it happened. If ang TP mag announce then naa gyud na dili lang sila mamugos nga mutoo ta. One thing pud diay walay provincial rate difference. Pahiras tanan na, normally for new hires kay 14K plus Rice allowance 1K then tenure allowance base sa worked time. Naay additional for tenured agents pero base na sa kadugayon pero dili gihapon dako kay normally 5 Pesos per hour na add sa akua sa tax re gihapon napadulong. Good thing kay dili na ta mangabang kay naa man ta balay didto tapos barato ra sa CdeO if walay balay naa man Mc Arthur Park. Ang HMO pwede na ma avail for 3 months tenure, Maxicare pa karon mas nice Intellecare kay dili hasol sa approval especially beyond 5pm na pero laban ang 250k budget for hospitalization (annual and per illness). Big amount but not refundable busa pa check up gyud bahala sakit imung heart kay gibyaan ka sa imung uyab pinakalit. Ang referral bonus kay 15k gihapon, 2k for 60 days, 6k for 120 days and 7k for 180 days. Pwd ra tamo i refer sabot sabot lang ta sa binahina (haha). For new hires naa moy 10 hours nga leave per month tapos additional 2 hours na for the following years if magdugay ka sa TP, ex: 1st year 10 hours, 2nd year 12..14…16… 5th year 20 hours. Hopefully nagkasinabot ra kita. Basta willing ko mo refer nimo bahala mag BPO hopper ka pa abot lang pud ug 2months to 6months para naa pud tay makwarta. Bitaw nasulat ko ni kay na boring ra ko. Amping mo ha. Dili mag expect kay mao na ang rason masakitan ka (#whogoat). Always remember,
    Mag end up gihapon ta sa “Its not how we earned, it is about how we spent.” Salamat…

    Seryoso ko i refer tika para naa pud ko magpalit ug Relo ug Running Shoes… pwd rapud ug tagaan ko nimobahala ukay-ukay nga shoes ako na patahi tapos relo nga 2nd hand ako na palit battery. Salamat

    • gio hilas

      if magpa refer ka itxt lang ni sa akua, pero i fill up ha.

      First name:
      Last name:
      Cellphone no:
      Preferred Position: Customer Service/Technical Support/FHM/ Admin
      Preferred Location: Nation wide (ex. Cebu, Bacolod, Davao… etc)

      send to: 09757734929

      -walay uso scam ha kay pangwarta ni atua. walay yagayaga kay kung dili ka fluent sa English okie ra kay naa man training pero dili pwd magtubag ug bisaya or filipino during interview kay wala nay chance.

    • kulazizi

      nalingaw ko sa imu post. funny and true!

  • Michellle

    I am with TP Cebu Ayala not Aegis TP. Referral Fee is 15 Thousand pesos after 6 months of completion.
    No TP CDO only for Recruitment Hub at Ayala Centrio.

    • gio hilas

      seryoso? hala ka.

      • john

        Don’t take her seriously, TP CDO is coming to town…..

        • werkakmad

          TP CDO is opening, trainers for the site is under 1month training starting July 28.First waive will be by september. l’m currently applying for a position in TP CDO. TP is definitely coming

          • Nobert

            Where to apply? I was there the other day the office is close no hr or whatsoever. Any news on what account?

          • Gio

            Someone will call you. Send me your details through my mobile no. 0997-477-7668. I need your Fullname / Nickname / E-mail address / Contact no. / Preferred Location to work. And one of our recuitment team will reach you for the next working days. Im Gio from Teleperformance Cebu.

          • werkakmad

            I have no idea for TP CDO recruitment hub when to open, as of now the only update i have is they are actively hiring people for mangement position. I cannot divulge the account youll know it when you sign your contract. GOODLUCK CAGAY ANON we’ll meet you soon!

          • Nobert

            If cannot divulge accounts name, can you at least give a hint if its travel or financial or technical account? I would really appreciate your response.


    TP Ayala Cebu accounts:
    Telstra (dayshift)
    AT&T Uverse Blue
    Time Warner Cable
    Hawaiian Airlines

    Aegis TP IT Park Cebu accounts:
    Expedia Telesales/Customer Service
    Blue Shield

    Convergys Cebu accounts:
    Sprint (Banawa)
    Time Warner

    Other sites kindly share……….

  • Dodongbisaya

    Hello peeps I’ve been following this thread for quite awhile now till I got the latest update about the company. It appears that they have just start pooling the account. Any idea guys how much how would the base salary here excluding incentive, allowances or what not. I am planning to go back in CDO anytime soon, been here in manila for roughly 7 years now & I’ve been in BPO industry for over 6 years. I would appreciate it if someone could give me an idea about their compensation. Thank you!

  • Teleperformance

    Good news, tp is now officially open in cdo but the production starts on october 2016 for cable tech account. The salary will be 11000 plus allowance 2000. Still hiring

    • Dodongbisaya

      Good to know that not bad for provincial rate. Would you happen to know if you guys offer on top of basic salary for tenured agents?

      • atonibai

        nganu nag english manka nga dodongbisaya man imu name. ilisdi na ug dodongenglish imung name oist hihihih

  • Guess Me

    Gamaya pud sa basic nila uie, pareha pareha raman unta ang cost of living ang Davao ug CDO pero mas higher than 2 k man ang basic sa Davao sa ila TP Company.

  • Teleperformance

    Hi guys sorry for the wrong information.
    the pay is not really 11000+2000, it is not yet confirm.
    I will update this thread on Tuesday for complete details of the pay. Thank you

  • john

    account is Direct TV for now

  • Teleperformance

    Hi guys this is to update you all the for the offer ; 13000 basic pay + 1000 rice non-tax + 1000 account premium = 15000 all-in. only 10% night diff. You can start file vl/sl on your 60 days.

    Are okay with these offer?

    • love

      Hello there, do you have any updates when tp CDO will operate? I’m working here in tp cebu, wanted to be transfer hopefully soon..

  • SpicyYuri


    Thanks so much for your update! I’m also interested to apply at TPCDO soon… I’ve been with the BPO industry for 3years and I’m so excited with their incentives too 🙂

  • Teleperformance

    CDO Teleperformance is now in operation, in fact wave 3 will start their training on aug 16 2016. Mode of application is through walk-in only.

    • Happy

      Still hiring?

  • rose

    what are the accounts in TP CDO?