by Sam Garcia

ClothesCare, a small-scale laundry shop located along Tomas Saco-1st Streets, Nazareth is now ready to serve Kagay-anons with the ease and convenience of top-grade washing machines and dryers.

Foregoing the hassles of having to bring coins every time you do self-service laundry, new customers can now avail their own service card for just P150. They can take the card home and just load it with any amount—enough to do their laundry—every time they visit the shop that is open from 7 AM to 10 PM on all days of the week.


However, those who do not want to keep their own card can simply use the shop’s master card and pay the regular rate of P60 per 9-kg load (equivalent to P6.70/kg) for both the washing machine and the dryer. One visit therefore comes at a minimum price of P120; this price is notably cheaper compared to other laundry services in the city for the same amount of load.


Now that the shop is on soft opening, the price is brought down further at a PROMO RATE* of P49.50 per 9-kg load or P5.50/kg (still for both washing machine and dryer) from 7 AM to 1 PM.


ClothesCare capitalizes on fully-automatic LG machines that are made in the USA. Currently, there are 7 washing machines and 3 dryers in the shop. One washing cycle would take 30 minutes to complete while one drying cycle would take 37 minutes to complete. In case you’re drying very heavy sheets, subsequent drying rates would come at an affordable P10 every five minutes.

A 9-kg load would consume a minimum of ¼ cup or 60 mL of detergent. Clothes Care sells Palmae Liquid Soap, among others, for only P5/60 mL.


Moreover, one of CDO’s pioneering cupcake shops, D’Cakes, has also relocated inside the shop in the form of a small snack bar. They offer snacks and refreshments to customers the whole day. Avid fans can now place orders for cakes and cupcakes for any event through the bar too.


In case you’re too busy to do your own laundry, you have two other options with ClothesCare. They offer a drop-off scheme that is inclusive of washing, drying and folding for just P150 per 9-kg load. That means that you can simply drop off your clothes and come back once they’re already machine-washed and machine-dried.


The second option would be ClothesCare’s full-service scheme that includes special treatments such as stain removal and bleaching on top of the regular wash and dry cycles. This comes at a price of P23 per kilogram.

*Promo is effective today until further notice. For more information, contact ClothesCare through the following numbers: (088) 851-1887, 0917 526 8452 or 0917 623 1155.

Q & A

  1. What is the minimum amount that you can load to your card?

There is no minimum amount but Clothes Care recommends that you top up your card in increments of P60 since that’s how much one use of the washing machine or dryer would cost.

  1. Can you wash or dry clothes that weigh less than the regular load of 9 kilograms?

Yes, but you would still have to pay for the full load since you’re paying per machine use and not per kilogram of clothes.

  1. Is there anyone to assist me during my first time at Clothes Care?

Definitely. Shop assistants are always available to guide you on how to use the machines.And even if it’s not your first time, we’d still be glad to help.

  1. Does Clothes Care offer protection for lost pieces of clothing?

If you’re availing the self-service scheme, that would mean that you are fully responsible for all your items while you’re inside the shop. In case you’re availing our drop-off and full-service schemes, we always make sure to return all pieces of clothing as recorded during receipt. Clothes Care is also CCTV-monitored for your increased protection.

  1. Where is Clothes Care located?

Clothes Care is located at Tomas Saco-1stSreets, Cagayan de Oro City. It is right beside the building ofMcRey Barber Shop and the Oro Star Driving School.

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