Ronald “Bard” de Guzman was just trying out what he learned from his culinary experience including a TESDA training for his first foodie venture – BARD’s, located along 12th-21st Street in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.

His specialty is CRIBS – baby back ribs complemented with ice tea and what many Filipinos prefer – UNLI RICE. Bard’s started in October 2013 with just two tables knowing that baby back ribs is not a ‘masa’ menu. He lowered the price to P129, making it affordable to the middle class. Not only that, he also made Baby Back Ribs in a Bowl (P69) which is a favorite among students. Since then, word of mouth grew and Bard’s has been busy serving customers especially at night. Bard’s expanded his small place moving the kitchen and added a few more tables. Plans of renovation and repainting are also underway as its clientele begin to grow. With regards to the taste, it’s worth trying with Bard’s special sauce.

See the menu below.



Here’s a more complete menu.10986957_1678651612362374_2861195984388777982_o

This is CRIBS…


It’s thumbs up by Bard who personally cooks your meals.

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In case of orders, see below.


with photos by Bard’s 

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