Lovella Exclamador became the first official guest of Dahilayan Adventure Park to jump off the Skytower Base Jump, the newest extreme ride in the famed adventure park.

See below a drone’s eye view of the test jumps from the 8-storey platform. Accordingly, this is the highest parajump in the Philippines using a cell site tower. Riders experience a split second free fall followed by a gradual descent , ending in a soft landing in less than 10 seconds.


Watch the video below.

Photo below shows Ms. Exclamador together with Engr. Paras, staff and other first jumpers.


In fact, Engr. Paras disclosed that four gutsy ladies were the first to try out Skytower. So guys, are you ready for the challenge?

all photos by Engr. Elpie Paras

  • lumad

    only??? how much for that 5second jump? looks boring to me

  • Sarah

    I thought this has got to be more exciting than the dropzone. Presuming this isn’t cheap, that split second free fall wouldn’t be worth the money. And yes, I think descent looks boring.

  • Ambo

    A cheap way to kill yourself. Good.

  • rudy mijares

    You just accept guys that you are afraid to jump. lol….

  • kherstien

    Hoooo..those are my KaBerkz!!!! Im so proud..heheheh

  • lumad

    zorb is much thrilling than this. base on the video, i can do this head first. its like riding carousel. lol. BORING! hope the one in jatico is better than this

  • Abie

    sa tingin niyo lang naman boring yan. subukan niyo tumuntong sa tatalunan kung kaya niyo