Construction of road networks and drainage system is in full swing and housing units will rise soon at Westgate Highlands, Liberty Land Corp.’s latest subdivision project located at Upper Palalan, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City.

Nearly a year after our first post of this project (Read HERE), development of the said housing subdivision has been steady. With threats of flooding still abound in low-lying areas, the real estate firm is vigorously expanding in Barangay Lumbia, which is planned as the city’s future growth area (LINK).


Here’s Westgate Highland’s full site development plan…you could see four (4) phases with the presence of four community centers. The entire development is more or less 26 hectares.



In case you’re wondering where is Upper Palalan located…. it is just west of Lumbia Airport and along a new access road.


Here are more photos…

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This is the entrance gate.


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You could see model houses inside the property.11034258_805726816129865_9053417910457378722_n

The entire area is fenced.11044569_805726466129900_6322958040831359808_n 11050794_805726612796552_5076995550284388427_n


all photos by Westgate Highlands

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