AA BBQ has finally opened its first branch in Cagayan de Oro over the weekend.

Located at the corner of Corrales Avenue and Domingo Velez Street, the famed barbeque restaurant from Cebu offers a variety of Filipino dish as shown below in their menu. Of course their specialty is grilled food.

IMG_4631 IMG_4632


Meanwhile, customers are also allowed to select some fresh meat and seafood to be cooked to your desire (grilled, soup,etc…). You won’t see prices but your orders will be listed on a piece of paper.


IMG_4630IMG_4634  IMG_4636 IMG_4637 IMG_4638 IMG_4639

Generally, the food was okay but the crew need to be trained more on the proper way of serving customers. Nevertheless, AA BBQ is a welcome addition to the city’s dining destination. It’s still new and there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

 with photo by Jaysan Ray Chee

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