Cagayan de Oro’s iconic dish, SINUGLAW, was among the three Kinilaw dishes featured by Filipino chefs during the Madrid Fusion held in Spain held February 2-4, 2015. It is considered a culinary milestone for Philippine cuisine. Read more HERE.

Sinuglaw is grilled pork mixed with the CDO-style Kinilaw which uses Suha (Mindanao lime) and tabon-tabon as ingredients.

At Madrid Fusion, Filipino Chefs Margarita Forés and Myrna Segismundo introduced three versions of Kinilaw – Batangas-style Kinilaw, Bacolod-style Kinilaw, and of course Sinuglaw. Madrid Fusion organizers picked Kinilaw to be featured after they liked it during their Manila visit last year. LINK

Cagayan de Oro’s Patrick Roa and his wife Pia who own Patricio’s Restaurant in Taguig ably supported the chefs with their presentation.

Watch it below. The Sinuglaw presentation starts at 04:51…..

Below is a much longer version.

with photo by Anthony Prudencio from

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