The City Government of Cagayan de Oro is planning to develop the former Lumbia Airport as a new growth center in the city.

The plan came about after the Achieving Sustainable Urban Development Program offered by the UN Habitat which selected Cagayan de Oro as one of its pilot cities in the country. The main objective of the UN Habitat Program is to develop the old Lumbia Airport using a mixed-use urban development concept. As part of the plan, the 547-hectare property will be developed with housing, recreational and commercial centers, parks, markets, and gardens following the mixed-use urban development concept. Accordingly, urban planners saw the need to spread the development of Cagayan de Oro, especially since many areas in the city have become residential and commercial centers. The project site in Barangay Lumbia was selected because it is located 180 meters above sea level, which is safe and far from either flood or storm surges.

info by CDO Infof Network; photo by

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