The motorela fare in Cagayan de Oro is now down to P5.00 as oil prices continue to drop.

This is pursuant to City Ordinance No. 11512-2009 and 11670-2010.

Current average gasoline prices in the city is at P38.00 per liter, and as based on City Ordinance No. 11670-2010, the regular fare wil autimatically be reduced to P5.00 when gasoline prices drop to P39.00-P26.00 per liter.

Also, fares for students, senior citizens and persons with disabilities are reduced to P4.00. Meanwhile, elementary students will be charged P2.00.

Penalty amounting to P500 will be imposed on drivers found violating said ordinance. The public is encouraged to file complaints at the RTA for drivers not following the ordinance.

photo by Ernesto Baconga Neri

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