by Isabela Page

Ron Afable, a local entrepreneur and a Rotarian-  just announced that two his employees, Percival Arado and wife, are getting ready to go to Manila to see the Pope, courtesy of Archbishop Antonio Ledesma. Percival a.k.a. Undoy, is a local celebrity who saved 45 lives during the typhoon Sendong in December 2011. It almost cost him his life.

Afable continues: “Documented interviews by church workers and media outlets to survivors point at him as the person who braved the raging muddy and debris-filled waters to save them. When they came looking to interview him the following morning, they couldn’t get a single word from him. He was a mess and in trauma”. 

Undoy and his wife are now on their way to Manila on a trip of his life–going to see the Pope in person in Manila. He and his wife are also joining the Pope when he goes to Tacloban, all expenses paid.

photo by Ron Afable

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