The city’s Task Force Hapsay Dalan (TFHD) will be opening to traffic the completed JR Borja Bridge on Thursday, January 15 for a dry run of a traffic rerouting scheme concerning public utility jeepneys (PUJs) as well as other plans related to the bridge’s operation.

In the proposal, PUJs coming from Cogon and bound for Kauswagan, Bonbon, NHA and Bayabas (via Carmen) will now be re-directed straight towards JR Borja Bridge instead of turning left (south) along Capistrano Street from JR Borja Street and use Ysalina Bridge. R2 PUJs are also included in this rerouting plan. This plan also intends to ease traffic at Ysalina Bridge.

Also, as planned, TFHD will implement a NO PARKING (both sides) along JR Borja Street from Burgos Street to Corrales Avenue. This section of JR Borja Street will also be a 2-way road. A NO LEFT TURN policy will also be enforced in all intersections along this stretch. The dry run will be implemented from January 15-19 and will be monitored by TFHD for possible adjustments considering feedback from drivers and the riding public. The formal inauguration of the bridge is set on January 23. JR Borja Bridge will be off limits to motorela, passenger or cargo trucks, trisikad and 6-wheeler trucks or larger. See the press release below.


photo by tom udasco

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