It’s January and business permit renewal is again the main agenda at Cagayan de Oro City Hall.

But before you line up at city hall, you may start by accessing the mobile portal inquiries made available by dialing the alphanumeric code below.


to Globe network and simply follow the instructions. After dialing, you will have to choose from the following cities. You may just to input 2 for Cagayan de Oro and press SEND.


Once you’re inside “CDO”… you have these options. We chose 1 (Business Permit).


And then, choose either of the following Business Permit Transactions.


Input your 9-digit numeric code as shown.




You will then receive this message.


You may recall that the city government and USAID launched this mobile project LINK. You may use G-Cash in paying.

photos by Reynold Kiunisala

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