The group that created SENTRO 1850 is proud to open its newest dining destination… CIRCA 1850!

Be transported to a different place, awaken your senses and experience how real good food should taste like, and bring out the foodie inside you.


At Circa 1850, we’re not only offering you new sets of menu but we raise the bar high for you to experience a totally different level of dining and indulgence.


Inspired by the slow food movement which promotes the practice of using heirloom recipes, sustainable local produce and fair trade lifestyle, we are offering you these uniquely concocted meals created with the freshest ingredients that are natural, free of harmful pesticides and antibiotics, and mainly sourced from our nearby local farmers.


Everyday, we strive that you will savor the subtle yet well balanced flavors of the dishes we have crested and feel the effort, and most importantly, the love that we poured into your every meal giving you that blissful high that will be painted onto your memory.


The restaurant concept is above the edge. You will know, as a foodie, that every single detail of the things you taste and see — from the design, choice of ingredients and total experience, is carefully though of and painstakenly chosen for you.

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photos by tom udasco

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